You Can Now Register Your Iris For Surgery

Register Your Eyes

What better way to keep track of your eyes than by registering them? At least, that's what we should do according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has approved a new tool, provided by a company named VISX Inc., that allows surgeons to register a patient's irises. This automated technology is one-of-a-kind and allows surgeons to pinpoint specific places within the eye. Registration allows the surgeon to maintain eye alignment during surgery even if the eye is moving or rotating.

This type of technology will prove especially useful for Wavefront guided laser surgery procedures, according to the VISX Corporation. It allows for automatic adjustment of the iris, and hence more precise treatment of the eye during surgery, even when the eye rotates. This can provide more customized surgery and precision surgery with fewer post-operation complications.

Other Advances In Technology
Mapping of the patient's eye, a procedure often used in Wavefront technology and Wavefront laser surgery, also allows surgeons the ability to shape the corneal surface more precisely. Why is this important to patients?

The more precise surgery is, the less likely a patient is to suffer from side effects or risk the additional surgeries associated with over or under correction. Every patient's eye is different, even when two patients present with the same condition (like myopia). Because of this, it is important that research continues to advance and offer surgeons more precise mechanisms by which they can operate on patients' eyes successfully.

Consider these technological advances just as you would precise advances in other forms of surgery. Open-heart surgery for example, is a common procedure, but no two people's hearts are the same. In addition, when the surgeon enters the heart cavity, he or she may find they need to adjust their technique based on the overall health, shape or functioning of the heart.

The same is true of laser vision correction. Surgeons must be prepared to accommodate individual differences in patients' irises and corneas if surgery is to be perfected and provide patients with the best possible outcomes in the short and long term. Thanks to this new advance by VISX Inc., surgeons are one step closer to making Wavefront and LASIK procedures safer and more reliable for patients.

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