Your Pupil Size DOES Matter

LASIK and pupil size

Are you considering LASIK surgery? Then you better consider your pupil size. Turns out how large or small your pupils are may affect your lasik outcome. In fact, if your pupils are too big, you may not be a candidate at all.

Modern technology including the use of new lasers allow surgeons to treat larger zones within the cornea when correcting vision problems. These newer lasers often help patients that have larger than average pupil sizes.

Why does it matter how large your pupil is? Studies suggest that the larger your pupil is, the more likely you are to have a poor outcome following lasik surgery. Your risk for under or over correction, blurry vision, poor night vision and other problems increases.

There have been court cases where patients have sued doctors because they operated knowing the patient had large pupils. The patients received damages because they experienced moderate to severe vision problems following surgery. This is one of the reasons it is so important doctor's screen patients very carefully to ensure they are good candidates for surgery.

It is also one reason that patient's should ask their doctor a lot of questions. In fact, one of the first questions you might ask your doctor is, "Do I have large pupils and am I a good candidate for surgery?"

Doctors also have an obligation to warn patients with large pupils that they may suffer adverse risks following surgery, even with modern technology designed to address these problems.

One of the risks associated with having large pupils is the risk of having higher order aberrations following surgery. This happens because the doctor accommodates for the pupil size by treating a larger surface area of the cornea. Aberrations are irregularities of the eye that may cause visual problems including problems distinguishing between contrasts.

Not everyone that has large pupils will be excluded from laser surgery. But, if you do have large pupils, it is important you talk with your doctor about the risks and benefits of laser surgery. You probably should take some time to get two opinions. Talk to your doctor about other options as well, including intraocular or implantable lenses, or traditional contact lenses.

There are now 30-Day contact lenses that work almost as well as LASIK, and require very little maintenance. Until the problems associated with larger pupil size are remedied, it makes sense to explore some less invasive options to protect your health and your eyesight.

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