Do You Prefer Lenses To Lasik? Read On

Lenses to Lasik A new study revealed in the Journal of Ophthalmology may put some patients' fears to rest when considering LASIK surgery. While LASIK surgery often provides superior vision correction, many patients prefer to use contact lenses for fear of "lasering" their eyes. According to the Dr. Gary Varley, one of the study experts, wearing contact lenses continuously for extended periods may be MORE dangerous or risky than LASIK surgery.

This is good news for surgeons and patients alike. The new study found that the chances for complications, including vision loss, were only one in 10,000 for LASIK patients, compared to one in 2,000 for lens wearers. This study clearly suggests LASIK may be superior to artificial corrective lenses.

Why LASIK May Be Better For Some
How is it that a surgical procedure is safer than a non-surgical one? According the Dr. Varley, there are many reasons lens wearers are more at risk for complications including vision loss. These reasons may include:

  • Patients who fail to wash their hands properly before inserting lenses.
  • Patients who sleep in their contact lenses (when the lenses they are using are not meant for sleep).
  • Patients fail to get routine eye exams or proper eye care.
  • Patients who are frail or unable to wear contact lenses or prescriptive lenses adeptly.
Many people have problems wearing lenses because they do not clean them properly or have difficulty keeping their lenses sterile. A doctor typically doesn't follow up with a contact lens wearer to verify that they are using proper precautions when cleaning their lenses. On the other hand, doctors are extremely careful to follow up with patients to make sure their vision is safe after a LASIK procedure.

Therefore, if you are one of the millions of people that have doubted the potential perks of LASIK, it may be time to reevaluate your indecision. If you are vigilant about caring for your contact lenses and eyes, you may have no problem sticking with lenses. Still, it may be nice to ditch them for LASIK.

If you are one of those people that are a little lax about hygiene or their lenses' care, you might consider LASIK a much safer choice. It's also cheaper in the long term. The study suggests that performing the LASIK procedure on candidates is no more risky than wearing contacts, and may be even less risky. Remember that contact lens wearers are much more at risk for serious complications, including vision loss, than LASIK candidates. If anything happens to a lens, damage to the underlying cornea may result. That is why more and more lens wearers are beginning to see the benefits of using LASIK surgery.

If you are not certain what procedure is best for you, be sure to talk with your eye care professional. Together the two of you can weigh the pros and cons to determine what is best for you. A physician is the best person to determine who is a good candidate for LASIK surgery, and who may benefit from other procedures or corrective lenses. Make sure you find a competent and qualified ophthalmologist or other eye care specialist to answer your questions and assess your eligibility.

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