LASIK Eye Surgery Cost

Thanks to technological innovations today virtually anyone can take advantage of LASIK now.

There are steps you should take however, to ensure you get the most bang of your buck. While many have enjoyed a reduction in price for traditional LASIK procedures, newer technology has also resulted in price increases for some newer, more precise surgery. Overall traditional lasik procedures still cost roughly $1,000 to $3000 to complete. Make sure you arm yourself with the facts before deciding, read below.

Here are some considerations when reviewing LASIK eye surgery costs:

  • Be clear if working with a company advertising a price that the price reflects your prescription and your individual procedure/needs. Some lasik discounts only apply to people who need minimal vision correction. If you fall outside the range defined by the deal, you may be unpleasantly surprised when you receive your bill.

  • Make sure your costs include the cost of follow up visits. You don't want to have to pay extra for visits occurring after your procedure. You should also consider asking the center what their policy is about you calling and coming in if you feel you are experiencing complications after surgery. Provisions for this should be included in their literature.

  • Check to see whether the price quoted you includes providing enhancements within the first year of surgery. Many enhancements are performed within this time frame. If possible, make sure you avoid additional fees associated with enhancements. Typically you can negotiate this as part of the actual fee you pay up front. Most competent surgeons make this very clear.

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Payment Options
Many LASIK centers offer customers installment or payment plans so they can afford surgery. Try coordinating payments with the practice of your choice. Many offer alternatives including interest free payments or no money down payments. A competent care center can help you develop a reasonable payment plan.

Some factors influencing price will include your individual prescription plan or needs. Note that prices vary from clinic to clinic. There is no one set standard when it comes to pricing. The area or region you live in may also influence price. Typically most procedures cost roughly $600-1,000 per eye or more. While you may see advertisements promoting traditional LASIK procedures for roughly $500 for each eye, chances are this provision is for those with very mild prescriptions or the cost does not include important follow ups with the surgeon.

Many hidden costs exist among clinics offering the lowest prices, so be sure you investigate the price of surgery thoroughly before agreeing to work with a clinic. The better or newer the technology your surgeon uses, the higher surgery is likely to cost as well. Studies suggest most procedures average between $1,000 and $2000.

Technology And Pricing of LASIK Procedures
As mentioned, pricing can impact LASIK pricing. If you need the IntraLase procedure for example, you'll probably pay more than someone who needs traditional LASIK surgery. This price increase may cost as much as $500 per eye or as little as $250. One of the reasons for the increase in price is the cost surgeons must pay to buy newer equipment and learn to use it properly.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

Custom LASIK using wavefront technology also costs more than traditional LASIK surgery. The price increase may be anywhere from $100 to $500 for each eye. Remember however, with this price increase comes greater precision and typically a reduced risk for complications following surgery.

Typical Prices Refractive Surgeries
Surgeries similar to LASIK cost roughly the same in many cases. The LASEK and PRK Procedures for example, generally average between $1000 and $2500 usually. CK procedures tend to cost between $1000 and $2000 total as well. Surgeries that may cost more than LASIK include Intacs or corneal inserts surgery.

Keep in mind fees will vary widely depending on the provider's skill, ability and the technology used. Your prescription and the severity of visual disturbance will also impact the cost of surgery. Don't fall prey to cheap fly-by-night clinics that offer bargain basement pricing, or you may compromise your health and your finances.

What was the costs of your Lasik surgery? Do you think it was reasonable? Place your comment in the box below.


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I have always wanted to get lasik surgery but it's so expensive. The other day there was a groupon for $2000 for both eyes. I bought it. Lasik here I come!!!

Can anyone share what they recently paid to have the LASIK procedure done? Thank you in advance!

I just paid 3600USD for wavefront-guided lasek.

Thanks for sharing the cost of your surgery. Seems like prices are in fact coming down.

was that for both eyes and what problems did you have with your vision?

The cost of Lasik has gone down significantly but has the procedure gotten better? Or are inexperienced doctors charging less for their services? I would definitely check out a few doctors first and find the best one for the procedure. Less is not always better, specially for a surgery involving your eyesight.