Athletes With An Edge: LASIK Surgery

Lasik for Athletes

Could it be your team lost because more than half of the other team's players had some type of LASIK procedure performed within the last year? Maybe, at least, that is what you might guess if you've read the sports page lately.

According to many reports, more athletes are coming in for LASIK eye surgery. Many use CUSTOM LASIK surgery to improve their game. LASIK surgery allows athletes to see better without the need for contacts or other lenses that may become damaged because of a game.

The Chargers Leading the Way
Among the many "groups" of teams interested in LASIK are the Chargers; recently several key players had LASIK surgery to improve performance and visual acuity. This could prove especially important for key players whether the game is football, basketball, golf or other.

Some football players admit LASIK helped them attain greater depth perception, which is one of many benefits LASIK may provide to athletes. The very act of being able to see clearly would help anyone, even a non-athlete, perform better, so its no wonder so many athletes are flocking to the offices of LASIK surgeons.

The San Diego Chargers have appointed their own LASIK surgeon to care for all their players' needs. This may be the start of a continuing trend, where groups of people start enlisting the help of a single surgeon to care for their eye health and vision.

Other Athletes Taking Advantage of LASIK
Naturally many other athletes in different sports are taking advantage of the new LASIK trend. For example, basketball players are finding they too experience sharpened visual acuity after having LASIK procedures.

LASIK is most beneficial when a player cannot see without wearing contacts. And, for those that do try contacts, they often report the discomfort and irritation, not to mention potential for harm, just isn't work the risk.

Imagine what it might be like to write a paper without seeing… that is almost the same as trying to play ball without knowing where the ball is.

One thing is certain; you can expect to see more athletes taking advantage of LASIK in the near future. Some college campuses may also start seeing their quarterbacks and other key players take advantage of LASIK surgery before graduation, to improve their odds of placement with a professional team if that is their desire.

While many celebrities have their surgeries conducted in California, including in LA or Hollywood, there is no imminent reason you should have to travel so far to get what you need. Chances are very good if you look in your phone book, you will find dozens of qualified LASIK surgeons in your area. The only exception may be rural areas, where you may find you need to travel an hour or so to meet your doctor.

If it's good enough for the Chargers, it's good enough for everyone, isn't it? **Note, if you are not a fan of the Chargers, you can ignore the last sentence…**

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