LASIK And Celebrity Gift Bags: Just How Fashionable IS Lasik?

Lasik at the Grammys Celebrity SWAG Includes LASIK Surgery
Celebrities are used to getting "swag"... you know, all the freebies that come with being a celebrity. Celebrity gift bags or swag often includes some of the priciest goods available, all in the name of fashion and recognition.

Many well-known designers offer up their goods to celebrities free, hoping the exposure they'll get from celebrities wearing their goods will make up the costs associated with giving away freebies.

Awards shows are among the most popular places where celebrities pick up freebies. Among the more distinct and common goods offered celebrities at awards including MTV Movie Awards Shows and the Grammys include watches, plasma televisions, and Cadillac cars and even free eye surgery.

Free what? That's right. These days' surgeons are even offering complimentary LASIK eye surgery to celebrities, or at least some celebrities were offered free refractive surgery during the 2006 Grammys. The total value of goods and services offered celebrities? More than $68,000.

Since LASIK surgery in its pure form only goes for a few thousand that means most celebrities were walking away with a lot of other freebies.

Why would anyone give away free LASIK eye surgery? To gain credibility and a reputation of course. Who wouldn't want to be known as the eye surgeon to the stars? Popular shows including Dr. 90210 have made surgery all the rage within Hollywood and throughout the nation.

LASIK In Hollywood
Many formerly humble doctors got their "big break" by appearing on television or by offering their services free to celebrities. The idea is celebrities will then tout the skills and abilities of the surgeons offering their services.

But not everyone is suitable for surgery. Eye surgeons offering complimentary LASIK should keep in mind that not every celebrity will be a good candidate for surgery… and some may not want to risk surgery to correct or perfect their vision.

The good news for us average "Joes" is many celebrities often donate the goods and services they receive from their goodie or swag bags. So, if you are surfing the Web for a good deal on LASIK surgery, why not hang out around Hollywood?

You never know what next great celebrity will offer up their complimentary surgery to some poor lost soul seeking better vision. It sounds a little corny, but these days anything goes. Just remember you'll have to pay taxes on any free gifts you get from celebrities or from swag bags offered during luxurious events. That's Uncle Sam's way of sharing in the glory of freebies that comes with being a top-notch celebrity.

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