Does LASIK Affect My Ability to Watch 3D Movies?

3D Movies LasikIf you love 3D movies, you may be worried that LASIK will interfere with your ability to enjoy these action packed cinematic delights. Luckily, you don’t have to worry. Talk with your doctor to find out the specifics for your situation, but many people with LASIK surgery can still enjoy 3D movies. In fact, some find it easier to watch 3D movies after LASIK since they can more easily wear the 3D glasses without needing glasses of their own.

3D Movies and LASIK
Different types of LASIK can have different effects on the eyes. One type of LASIK surgery corrects both eyes to one standard prescription. With this type of LASIK some people will still need glasses (for either near or far vision or both). Another type of LASIK is called monovision LASIK. This treatment corrects one eye for near vision and one eye for far vision. The brain can adjust and use each eye when needed, reducing the need for glasses and contacts or requiring a lower prescription if one is needed.

There is no real problem with LASIK surgery and 3D movies if both eyes are corrected to the same prescription. However with monovision LASIK there may be problems, dependent on your specific surgery and results. Watching 3D movies requires clear vision for the best results and some with monovision LASIK may not be able to fully enjoy the experience. Both eyes are used to create the 3D picture. To fully enjoy a 3D movie you may need to have clarity in both eyes and since monovision LASIK purposefully distorts one eye to use in up close situations, there may be some clarity issues when watching 3D movies.

The clarity issues with 3D movies are largely determined by your specific eye situation. Your eye doctor can give you more information about what you might expect. Some people are not bothered and can still enjoy 3D movies after monovision LASIK while others find the experience less than enjoyable.

Watching 3D Movies After Monovision LASIK
Some people have trouble watching 3D movies after monovision LASIK, but this doesn’t mean you can’t ever enjoy a 3D movie again. Even with monovision LASIK there are easy solutions for those that want to watch 3D movies.
Dr. James Salz said, “With mild monovision you should still be able to get a 3D image. In the rare case where you did not, wearing a pair of glasses to correct the reading eye for distance would solve the problem."

He reminds those concerned with 3D movies and monovision LASIK that a monovision treatment has many benefits like being able to see a cell phone screen or computer monitor without glasses. These activities are every day actions while 3D movies are typically a rare treat. It is easier to wear glasses for 3D movies and to have clear vision the rest of the time than to avoid a procedure that will help your vision just to preserve your ability to watch 3D movies. Talk with your eye doctor about your specific concerns to find the best LASIK treatment for your situation.

Have you seen any 3D movies after LASIK surgery? What were your experiences?


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