Precautions For Laser Eye Surgery Patients

Lasik Precautions Following LASIK eye procedures it is important you take good care of your eyes. You should talk with your doctor about postoperative care before you have your LASIK procedure performed.

As with any surgery, there are some pretty standard guidelines you should follow to help minimize the likelihood you will suffer complications following surgery.

Here is a list of a few precautions doctors recommend for LASIK patients. By following these precautions, you reduce your risk of injury to your eye or infection following surgery.

  1. Wait until at least 24 hours post surgery to shower or wash your face and hair.
  2. Avoid getting anything including soap or lotion in or near your eye for up to one week following refractive surgery. This can lead to infection and injury. If you can, avoid spraying products in your hair that may unintentionally get into your eye and cause harm or damage.
  3. Try to avoid touching your eyes or rubbing your eyes harshly for up to one week following surgery.
  4. For the first 3-4 days following your surgery, make sure you wear any goggles or eye shields provided to you by your surgeon. This will help protect your eye from injury.
  5. Avoid placing water in your eye for 7-10 days following surgery.
  6. Do not wear any eye make up following surgery for up to 10 days.
  7. Avoid immersing your eyes in a tub, whirlpool or while swimming for at least 10 days following your surgery.
  8. Avoid coloring your hair or using other processing treatments on your hair for up to 10 days following surgery.
  9. Make sure you avoid exercising for up to 3 days post surgery to help promote healing and prevent injury.
  10. If you engage in vigorous sports including tennis or racquetball, make sure you wear sports goggles for at least one month following surgery. Don't risk having anything knock your eyes.
  11. Make sure you wear dark sunglasses with a strong UV protection following surgery for at least one year. You should wear UV safe sunglasses anyway to protect your eyes. After surgery, exposure to sunshine can lead to infection or scarring of the eye.
Most people will fly through surgery with few if any side effects or troubles if they follow the guidelines above. If you find you have any sudden changes in your vision or green or yellow discharge make sure to contact your eye doctor immediately, as this can signal an infection or injury to your eye.

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