Epi-LASIK - Popular Among Consumers That Want Rapid Recovery AND Comfort


Recent research as reported by Ocular Surgery News suggests patients requiring PRK with alcohol or other mechanical aids may benefit more by using the Epi-LASIK procedure. In fact, for some time doctors have been trying epi-LASIK combined with MORIA Microkeratome procedures.

The reason is simple. The Epi-LASIK appears to provide many of the same benefits, if not more benefits, than traditional PRK, except patients find they recover their eyesight much faster, within 48 hours in some cases!

While LASIK is still an essential and very effective procedure for most, Epi-Lasik seems to provide more advantages over traditional LASIK or PRK techniques. These advantages include decreased recovery time and a reduced risk for infection or other complications associated with LASIK procedures.

Rapid IS Better
Surgeons feel a rapid recovery may provide more mental health benefits for patients undergoing LASIK surgery. A patient's frame of mind is important for healing regardless of the type of procedure they are experiencing; thus a patient with less down time is likely to heal faster and report a better experience that a patient that does not regain some vision for a week or more.

This is one reason the epi-LASIK is a better choice than PRK for some. A patient undergoing the epi-LASIK procedure may need roughly 1 to 1 ½ days to recover, which means they will benefit from the procedure more than patients requiring longer recovery times. Many people choose to have the newer EpiLASIK procedure done on a long weekend, so they recover in time to return to work without delay.

Why Does Recovery Time Matter?
Long recovery periods may result in an enhanced risk for infection or complications resulting from surgery. This is one reason many patients are anxious to realize the improvement in vision shortly after surgery.

From an emotional perspective, patients undergoing the epi-LASIK procedure may have more self-esteem and a more positive outlook than patients undergoing traditional procedures, partly because they recover faster. The mind is a powerful object that can enhance and facilitate recovery or hinder recovery.

Think about it. If you have traditional LASIK, your recovery time lasts more than a week, and you suffer visual disturbances during this time, wouldn't you expect more complications, if for no other reason than your "mind" plays tricks on you?

Most doctors would likely agree, as would many patients, that quality and rapidity of recovery are more important than cost or other related factors. Because there are no significant increased risks associated with the epi-LASIK when compared to PRK or similar laser eye surgeries, there is no reason why patients shouldn't take advantage of this technology.

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