Do Drugs And LASIK Mix?

Lasik Drugs Do drugs and LASIK mix? You decide. There are not many direct studies that link the use of some drugs with LASIK surgery. Many researchers of late have taken in interest in the link between marijuana and LASIK. Specifically, surgeons have an interest in learning whether cannabinoids, THC and other chemicals in marijuana may have an impact on patients undergoing LASIK, IntraLasik, PRK and other types of refractive surgery.

It is important to know whether these drugs mix with surgery, as many patients are unwilling to report their drug use.

Cannabis (Also known as Weed, Pot, Marijuana, etc. etc.)
Humankind has long used cannabis as a medicinal agent throughout the world. For thousands of years, cultures used it for various illnesses. In the U.S., the government restricts the use of cannabis chiefly resulting from the its recreational use, which grew tremendously during the 1960s.

Research reveals roughly 72 controlled studies evaluating the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids. Clinical trials show that cannabis may act as an appetite stimulant, as an agent to combat Tourette's syndrome, as an antiepileptic agent and may be helpful for glaucoma.

Many studies suggest concurrent use of cannabis with refractive surgery poses no real risk. There are no records of direct studies of cannabis and refractive surgery, therefore it seems sensible one might decide to refrain from use before surgery.

Bottom line? Don't smoke a bowl right before (or after) any refractive surgery.

Herbs and Surgery
There is even less information about use of herbs and their effects on refractive surgery. If you routinely use herbs to help bolster your health, you should talk with your surgeon before surgery to find out whether you should stop taking them and when. Most of the time, taking herbs or supplements will not pose a problem, however certain natural herbs or therapeutic agents may have effects that raise or lower your blood pressure or thin your blood. This may prove troublesome if you experience complications during surgery. This is not just true of refractive surgery, but any surgery.

Some herbs may not have a direct effect on your surgery, but if you experience complications and are given drugs for them, these herbs may interact with the medicines intended to help resolve your problem.

Remember it is always important you are 100 percent honest with your doctor about any over-the-counter supplements or herbs and prescriptions you may be taking. This will help your doctor treat you best in the event you do experience a complication.

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